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Much has been said about America and the world’s largest airline, American Airlines. But do you really know everything? This article covers as much information that you need when you consider flying with them.

Maybe you want to know about the airline’s fare structure and all the latest changes, or you are interested to see how you can change your seat in premium economy. You have come to the right page, without further ado, here we go with all the possible answers to your questions about American Airlines.

American Airlines: The History

The history of American Airlines started in 1926 when Charles Lindbergh piloted its first fight loaded with US mail coming from St. Louis in Missouri to Chicago, Illinois. Its founder, C.R. Smith, teamed up with Donald Douglas in creating the pioneer in the airline industry, the DC-3 plane, and change their source of revenue from mail to passengers. Its first commercial service was from Chicago to New York. After a few years, the company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange to boost its capital.

After the Second World War, American Airlines flew overseas in 1945 under the name American Overseas Airlines. In the year that followed, it has established its maintenance and engineering compound in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

American Airlines continued to expand in the next decades. And by acquiring small companies to expand its routes, it has flown to the Caribbean, Latin America, and on the other side of the Atlantic. On the home front, it pioneers the first transcontinental service using the Douglas DC-7. It ushered the 90’s with it one billion customers in 1991. By 2010s, American Airlines has merged with US Airways, becoming the largest airline company in the US. Today, American Airlines flightsare serving about 350 cities in more than 50 countries.

American Airlines Ticket Options

The reason why American Airlines is so popular with many travelers is that they offer a wide range of ticketing options that give flexibility in both its domestic and international routes. Here they are.

Economy Basic

Its fare starts with its basic economy fare, which before is only a seat and allows only a small personal carry on. However, there are recent changes in its policy and allows its passengers in Economy to bring one carry-on luggage.

The restrictions on this fare category are there is no option to cancel or change the ticket either on its domestic flights or other short destinations. As a piece of advice, passengers who are looking into this option should be 100% of their travel plans, or else they will not be getting their money back in case o changes.

Lowest Fare

One good thing about American Airlines is you can select the lowest fare for all its destinations. It allows their passengers the standard prices for its Economy, premium economy, first and business class, if there are seats available.

On its domestic, Mexico, and Canada routes, the fares do not include the cost of checked baggage. So, passengers have to add them separately. The standard fare for cabin or economy class has different prices for baggage allowance; it is eligible for upgrades, has priority boarding, and may change fees.

The first-class passengers can enjoy changes on their flight on the same and standby if applicable on the flights. You can check out other details on their American Airlines ticket options at its official site

Flexible Fare

The flexible fare type applies to all fare classes including for its Main Cabin (Economy) and the premium economy, first-class and business class. You can opt for a Flexible fare type if you are not sure about your travel plans because it will allow you to change without paying.

Fully Flexible Fare

This type of fare applies only to Main Cabin passengers. Here they can change the flight even on the same day with any charges, but they still have to pay the fare difference. They can also be included on the waiting list if there is available flight.

How to Book Your American Airlines Flights

American Airlines have made it easy to make reservations and book flights; all you have to do is to plan on your travel destination and go to American Airlines’ official website. When you are on the site, choose the fare type. Fill in your departure and arrival location and add the date of travel and the return date.

Once you have filled in the number of the passengers, click on the search tab. A variety of options and deals appears. Find the best flights that will suit your needs. You can make your American Airlines reservations to top destinations inside the comfort of your home.

AA Reservations and Other Changes

Making changes on your American Airlines booking is common that some airlines overbooked their flights based on the assumption that some passengers would change their flight. In case more passengers show up, American Airlines issue vouchers to volunteers who opt for later flight. There are several ways that you can rebook your flight.

A. For Flights Leaving on the Same Day
You can call American Airlines at its phone number and change the reservations over the phone with its representative. There will be an additional fee, and the new flight will depart one to twelve hours from the time of your call.

Another option is to use the self-service kiosk where you can use your credit card or your identification to activate the booth and see your reservations. You need to follow the instructions and choose your new flight. Change fees also apply.

The last option is to approach the airline counter and talk with any American Airlines representative at the airport and ask for the list of options. Fees also apply, and you can get the new boarding pass upon payment.

B. For Flights Leaving Anytime
On the American Airlines official site, you can click on the “My Reservations” icon. Using your login credentials and the locator code, click on the reservation that you want to change. Search for a new flight, confirm the changes, and pay the change fees. You may print the new boarding pass if the flight is leaving in the next 24 hours.

Final Words

You can save on your airfare using American Airlines. You can check out their hot deals at AA Vacations page available online or sign up in their loyalty program, AAdvantage, which lets you earn miles you can use to travel, shop, or dine.

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